What Makes a Hoian Cultural Tour So Attractive to Tourists?


Hoian City in Vietnam is massively well-known to international travelers. It was even listed among the best 15 tourism cities in the world in 2018 by Travel and Leisure. Nonetheless, have you ever wondered why it is so popular and a Hoian cultural tour often has a significant number of participants? Here are the 4 main reasons.

Old-age constructions

One of the most exclusive and attractive things, when you join in a Hoian cultural tour, is ancient constructions. They have been existing for hundreds of years. Hoian Ancient Town used to be a busy international commerce port where Chinese, Japanese, and Western traders often gathered around.

Today, it is considered a typical spot with mainly undamaged constructions for worldwide travelers. Most of the houses here follow a traditional architecture, dating back to 17th to the 19th century. They are located alongside the small streets and come between long-standing temples, pagodas, and assembly halls.

The most prominent temple is probably Japanese Covered Bridge. It is not only the symbol of Hoian tourism but also a piece of history connecting the past and the present. Its wooden roof is uniquely designed and ornamented with Japanese-style patterns. Also, because the whole temple is located on a bridge, tourists find it more uncommon and attractive.

Besides the Japanese Covered Bridge, you may find assembly halls and old houses exciting. Several destinations that you should pay a visit are the old house of Tan Ky, Phung Hung, as well as Trieu Chau and Quang Dong Assembly Halls.

Unique cultural values

For culture-vultures, a Hoian cultural tour is more than just constructions. The value of this ancient town lies in the diverse and abundant intangible heritages. Despite going through many ups and downs of the times, the citizens here still preserve the beauty of their former daily life.


Bai Choi singing (Source: Google)

Traditions, customs, rituals, folk art, and cultural festivals are being excellently conserved and developed. You can observe and experience the best of those when visiting Hoian at night or on the 15th day of the lunar month. It is hard to find such a town where people love singing Bai Choi, floating paper lanterns down a river, or enjoying a cup of coffee in an antique shop in this modern life.

The values of Hoian is revealed in traditional craft villages as well. Kim Bong Carpentry Village, Tra Que Vegetable Village, and Thanh Ha Pottery Village are some examples. They are close to the life of a large number of generations and are the pride of the local people.

In today’s time, they contribute a crucial part in preserving the culture of Hoian and drawing travelers to the town to discover Vietnam.

Delectable cuisine

Food is definitely an integral part of a Hoian cultural tour. There are various dishes that you can only try in this town, such as Cao Lau, Hoian bread, Chicken Rice, and White Rose Dumplings. Especially, Cao Lau was originally created by talented cooks in the former Hoian.


Cao lau (Source: Google)

It was a type of noodle delicately prepared with numerous ingredients. For instance, to add a golden tinge and more texture to the noodle strands, the cooks have to soak the rice into ash water. And the ash must be from the woods grown in Cham Island.

Moreover, when husking the rice, they have to use the water from Ba Le Well – a famous and long-standing well in Hoian. These are the secrets for the chewy and bold taste of Cao Lau. They are the also reasons why Cao Lau can never feel the same if you try it in other places outside Hoian.

Another dish that has been praised quite many times on international food magazines is Hoian Bread (Banh Mi). It was even called “the most delicious bread in the world” by a great number of chefs. You can try it in Phuong restaurant or Madam Khanh Restaurant. The bread there is full of jambon, cheese, paté, sausages, and sauces made by the restaurant.

Fascinating activities

The last element that makes Hoian have a right to be one of the top 15 cities for tourists in the world is the activities. You can do numerous things when taking part in a Hoian cultural tour.


An Bang Beach (Source: Google)

If you love joining in cultural activities, visiting Hoian Ancient Town at night is a suitable option. Nothing can be better than going for a boat ride on the Hoai River, riding a bicycle on the streets, or contemplating the lanterns. Couples can even try sending their wishes to paper lanterns and float them down to Hoài River. It will be very romantic.

Nevertheless, in case you want some eventful leisure activities, coming to Hoian beaches or Cu Lao Cham National Reserve will be a good idea. Cua Dai Beach is a quite common destination for tourists. Having warm and crystal clear water, the beach is a perfect place for sea-bathing or scuba-diving. Otherwise, you should visit Cu Lao Cham National Reserve if you love leisure games.

Apart from Cua Dai, An Bang Beach is also incredibly appealing. It used to be on the list of top 50 most beautiful beaches in the world. This is an ideal spot for those who want to enjoy the alone and private time because it is relatively quiet.

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