Six Lesser-Known Experiences Revealing the Cultural Treasure Trove of Huế


Huế, a former capital of Vietnam, is usually picked for a Vietnam local tour package along the Central Vietnam Heritage Road or within the combo of Danang, Huế, and Hoian. Such famous destination has been introduced by a lot of trusted travel magazine and hence numerous traveling tips have been given. That is the reason why today, we need something more off the beaten path for those whose staying duration in Huế lasts for more than just a couple of days.


Thanh Tiên paper flower village (Source: Google)

Tây Hồ Traditional Nón Lá–Making Village

Situated roughly 14 kilometers away from Huế city center, Tây Hồ Village has been such a familiar name to the local citizens with its long-lasting profession of making Nón Lá, a traditional leaf-made hat of the Vietnamese that is still widely used nowadays. Tây Hồ is home to the Poetic Hat, or “Nón bài thơ” in Vietnamese.


Vietnamese traditional hat (Source: Google)

To us as Vietnamese, the hat has been seen as an iconic image of this former capital of Vietnam. Paying a visit to Tây Hồ Village, you would be introduced to each step during the entire procedure of this painstaking career. Other than that, you can easily find for yourself some finely made Nón Lá as a type of souvenir brought back home.


The making of Nón Lá (Source: Google)

Thanh Tiên Traditional Paper Flower–Making Village

Following our first traditional handicraft option above is Thanh Tiên paper flower – making village that was born by the bank of romantic Perfume River. The site can be found 10 kilometers away from Huế downtown and has been around for almost 3 centuries.


Paper flowers (Source: Google)

Traditionally, Thanh Tiên paper flowers were used supporting the decoration of religious and holy shrines inside a household or temples and pagodas. As time goes by, thanks to a massive development in terms of shapes and function, Thanh Tiên products are now greatly used in numerous folk festivals and special occasions.


An artisan by his works (Source: Google)

Lục Bộ space of culture

If your tight time budget does not generously allow you to pay some visits to those handicraft villages, then consider Lục Bộ space of culture, a house displaying, introducing and performing Huế traditional artistic profession such as the making of Royal tea, the making of Nón Lá, the progress of paper flowers or the gastronomy of five-color cakes and so on.


Making Royal tea (Source: Google)

Lục Bộ, in Vietnamese, can be understood as six main royal departments taking charge of six different works and industries in the Huế Citadel under the rule of Nguyễn Dynasty. The building you are about to visit was once used as an initial working department of the Bureau of Education. In 2015, the site moved on to his new page of history as a tourist assistance center.


Visitors in a room of the house (Source: Google)

XQ Embroidery Museum

Built right on the hectic Huế walking street Nguyễn Đình Chiểu, the XQ Embroidery Museum is home to over 400 delicate and intricate embroidery artworks which represents the milestones and development of Huế long-established embroidery profession. Over here, you are also having a chance to visit the hand-made embroidering insight behind each artwork processed by XQ artisans.


Inside XQ Embroidery Museum (Source: Google)

  • Address: 70 Nguyễn Chí Diểu street, Phú Hậu ward, Huế city.
  • Opening hours: 7:30 – 17:30 (Monday – Saturday), 7:30 – 11:30 (Sunday).
  • Entrance ticket: free of charge.

Trúc Chỉ Garden

The art of Trúc Chỉ is inspired by the making of traditional Poonah paper and common folk elements such as bamboo and straw in order to bring to life numerous rustic and ordinary masterpieces yet still able to deliver a high level of elegance. Visiting Trúc Chỉ Garden allows you to contemplate, interact and discover such authentic field of art.


A painting of Trúc Chỉ art (Source: Google)

  • Address: 5 Thạch Hãn street, Thuận Hòa ward, Huế city.
  • Opening hours: 7:30 – 18:00 (Monday – Saturday), 7:30 – 17:00 (Sunday)
  • Entrance ticket: free of charge.

Huế folk song performance on Perfume River

It would be an absolute mistake if visiting Huế without joining a boat trip enjoying Huế classic singing performance on the romantic Perfume River. Huế folk song performance was initially used inside the campus of Huế Citadel with a view to offering an artistic performance to the royal family, and accordingly soon be localized to meet the need of the native audience.


The Perfume River (Source: Google)

What you should expect to experience when joining this highlight of your Vietnam local tour package is hop on a dragon boat and peacefully move along the flow of Perfume River, learn about the birth and development of this spectacular art. A ticket of only around VND 100.000 would be inclusive with a lantern for those who need to send their wish to the ears of Gods.


Enjoy Huế singing performance (Source: Google)

  • Address: Tourist boat station – 49 Lê Lợi street, Phú Hội ward, Huế city.
  • Performance time: Two daily shows at 19:00 and 20:00
  • Ticket fare: VND 100.000/per.

You can easily combine all these six into a whole customized Vietnam local tour package by a Vietnamese tour operator. Within only a whole day straight, you are able to pay an entire visit to the above attractions.

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