8 Most Scenic Destinations in Nghệ An to Visit this Holiday


Nghệ An is the largest city in Vietnam, which is situated in the north central coast of the country. A trip to Vinh City, Nghệ An’s capital, from Hanoi, costs you around 291 kilometers towards the South. If a local tour in Vietnam is what you always love to have when in the Northern part of the country, why not consider to give it a go with these eight stunning destinations?

tea islands-from-above

Tea Islands from from above (Source: Google)

Mường Lống heaven gate

Mường Lống is known as a famous adventurous site for young local backpackers with the massive beauty of chained mountain ranges standing mightily in the mystic clouds. The “heaven gate” is located 60 kilometers away from Kỳ Sơn and given a stunning name as “Sapa of Nghệ An”.


A trail to Mường Lống (Source: Google)

Coming over to Mường Lống, not only are you able to contemplate the brilliant attractiveness of its landscape, but you are also having a chance to learn more about the interesting culture of the mountainous ethnic groups by visiting a local market or a persimmon garden.


Touching the clouds (Source: Google)

Rubber plantation

A rubber plantation in Nghĩa Đàn owns a stunning beauty in all four seasons throughout an entire year. However, the scene puts on its beat makeover from October to next March, when the whole forest is covered with a thick carpet of dried leaves. Paying a visit to this area during Autumn time allows you to contemplate a romantic European-like beauty.

Persimmon gardens

Autumn is the finest moment in a year to have a look at the local persimmon gardens as the juicy persimmon get to be fully blossom. Starting from Vinh City, you can choose to pass through the fairy tale persimmon garden in Nam Anh Commune, Nam Đàn District. Most persimmons are planted along the trail leading to Đại Huệ Mountain. Why not make it a local tour in Vietnam combining both a trip to the persimmon gardens and Đại Huệ Pagoda all in one?


Front campus (Source: Google)

Reed field

When the end of October comes, the enormous reed field by the bank of Lam River blossoms in its fullest white. Such alluring beauty attracts a huge number of tourist paying a visit to this natural and rustic site, especially during weekends.


Visiting a reed field (Source: Google)

Are you down for a boat trip to the middle of the field and get drown in numerous reeds covering your head? If you are a big fan of photography, do not tend to miss such a destination as you would be capturing the best angles in Nghệ An.

Bãn Vẽ Hydroelectric Dam

The cool weather of Autumn with a few stunning sunlight makes it a great chance to come over the Dam. Bãn Vẽ Hydroelectric Dam leaves a breathtaking impression with its gigantic jade-like beauty of the lake surface reflecting the magnificent mountain ranges on both sides.


Rural life (Source: Google)

What you can choose to do when visiting this site is owning a boat trip wandering around the entire lake and contemplating the surrounding attractiveness. Bãn Vẽ Hydroelectric Dam is a lesser-known destination in Northern Vietnam, which makes it able to preserve the initial beauty.

Pù Mát National Park

The core area of Pù Mát National Park gains fame with the mighty Khe Kèm Waterfall when its freshest current bridges the prosperous vegetation. Other than that, Pù Mát hides in itself a great collection of flora species and numerous century-old trees. Such spacious and sophisticated terrain in Pù Mát brings its visitors a chance to dive in an interesting adventurous tour in Vietnam’s Northern land.


Natives (Source: Google)


A waterfall (Source: Google)

Yên Thành sheep farm

The very next destination is made for those who easily fall in love with animals and wild farm scene. Yên Thành sheep farm in Nghệ An is known to be an all-time favorite picnic and photography heaven for the native wanderlust community with the mystic European-like landscape.


Sheep farm (Source: Google)

Due to the fact that those sheep in the farm are raised for meat, which means you would not be witnessing the stunningly white fur as seen back home. In return, the vivid gallery of greenish grass field and the surrounding poetic mountain scene brings out such an “Instagrammable” vibe. If seeking for an off-beat picnic heaven in Northern Vietnam is what you target, do not hesitate to give this site a go.

Hạnh Dịch terraced fields

Last but not least, Hạnh Dịch terraced fields is a symbolic representation when Autumn takes over the hills of Western Nghệ An. A journey to Hạnh Dịch (Quế Phong), you would be able to admire the infinite golden ripen rice fields and various terraced paddies lying serenely while the lengthy curving river sneaks through the entire place. Such landscape of Autumn gives out a painting-like attractiveness which is usually well compared to the sensational Tú Lệ Valley in Yên Bái.


Ripen rice field in Nghệ An (Source: Google)

Traveling like a real local is now a new trend of the World’s tourism life, and that is why the name Nghệ An is now put into your vision. Take it your next favorite local tour in Vietnam now with a help of a local guide.

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