Relaxing Getaway Ideas on the Outskirts of Hanoi for City Hustlers

yen stream in huong pagoda

Shaking off the noise and busy life of the city, you will find these 4 ecotourism destinations worth trying to enjoy a memorable holiday in Hanoi Vietnam. For those deeply enchanted by the peaceful views of the countryside as well as traditional activities and craft villages, these following destinations are highly considered not-to-miss on your journey to explore Vietnam’s rural countryside.

A day becoming a “Vietnamese farmer” in Tien Le Vegetable Village

A day of farming at Tien Le village (Source: Google)

A day of farming at Tien Le village (Source: Google)

Start your journey to the outskirts of Hanoi and head to Tien Le village – the largest vegetable production in Hanoi. You are going to enjoy a wonderful day living in nature and discovering the simple beauty of Vietnam’s countryside.

Thanks to the carefully screened greenhouses, the vegetables are less affected by natural factors such as sunlight, rain, decaying, infectious diseases, etc. Moreover, this model also helps to reduce evaporation and enhance soil moisture as well as high humidity in order to ensure the vegetable grow well in the shortest time. Tien Le is mainly famous for growing leafy vegetables: green cabbage, sweet cabbage, spinach, broccoli, cucumber, which brings out different tastes and plays an important part in promoting Vietnam cuisine.

After about 1 hour of pleasant driving, you will be warmly welcomed by friendly and helpful local guides and hosts. Tour around the village before turning yourself into a real “Vietnamese farmer”.

First, you will put on the common and necessary farming equipment like farming clothes, conical hats, etc., and head to the fields where local farmers are working. During the day, visitors are going to become a real farmer and learn how to hoe, dig, weed, water, put down fertilizer and harvest the vegetable. Although it is a hard and exhausting work, you are promised a happy experience getting your hands dirty growing your own vegetables.

Besides, if you are interested in the agriculture field, this is considered a great opportunity to widen your knowledge about the different types of veggies and their usage in Vietnamese daily life.

Next, you have time to visit the local market and purchase your favorite ingredients to create your own dishes in the host’s kitchen. You will be carefully guided about how to use the freshly-harvested vegs from the fields to make traditional Vietnamese dishes by your local host. There is nothing better than savoring your own creations in the peaceful countryside of Vietnam.

Watching woodcarving artisans in action at Son Dong Craft Village

Statues at Son Dong Craft Village

Statues at Son Dong Craft Village 

Son Dong Craft Village takes about half an hour of cycling from Tien Le Vegetable Village so it is very convenient to pay a visit to this fascinating destination on your holiday in Hanoi Vietnam.

Son Dong (Hoai Duc, Hanoi) is a traditional wooden sculpture village which specializes in the production of Buddha statues and other typical worshipping famous objects. You are able to admire and adore the talented and skillful hands of the artists through many beautiful products such as statues of Buddha, sacred heroes, worshipping animals like horse or crane, parallel sentences, shrines, etc and all are painted with gold and silver lacquer shimmering under the warm afternoon sunlight.

In addition, the local artists will be happy to show eager visitors a simple process of wood carving and let them create their own product to take home as a unique souvenir.

Discovering one of the impressive Vietnamese cultures

bat trang ceramic village

Bat Trang Ceramic Village (Source: Google)

 Your holiday in Hanoi Vietnam will hardly be completed without visiting Bat Trang – a traditional ceramic village located 15km from Hanoi center and a perfect destination for a lovely weekend trip

Bat Trang is the most famous pottery village in Vietnam which experts in producing pottery of various kinds and styles, attracting thousands of domestic and international tourists every year.

The most fascinating thing when travelling to Bat Trang village is that you can directly witness the making of delicate pottery products by the skillful hands of local artisans or design your own ones. Paying only 40,000- 60,000 VND, you are free to be creative with clay and turntable and take home your “masterpieces” to show off to your friends and family.

Furthermore, Bat Trang pottery market is also worth going if you want to surprise your loved ones with unique and gorgeous souvenirs at an affordable price. The market sells a lot of extremely beautiful ceramic products such as bowl, cups, artistic decorations and worship items, which are born from the hands of well-known artists

Exploring the holy land of Chua Huong (Perfume Pagoda)

The path leading up to Huong Tich Cave

The path leading up to Huong Tich Cave (Source: Google)

Huong Son Pagoda, also widely known as Huong Pagoda, is a complex of pagodas located in Huong Son Commune, My Duc District, Hanoi. This is a famous pagoda of the North because the sacred temples and pagodas are magically situated in a charming and splendid natural surrounding. Huong Pagoda is believed to be an impressive highlight in your holiday in Hanoi Vietnam.

The Huong Pagoda Complex is scattered alongside the peaceful Yen River, including Outer Temple (Chua Ngoai) and Inner Temple (Chua Trong).

Tourists are going to be greatly impressed by the contrasting beauty between Chua Ngoai and Chua Trong. While Chua Ngoai is renowned for its majestic ancient architecture, Chua Trong is originated from a natural cave – Huong Tich Cave. The 120 stone steps carved into the cave lead you down to Inner Temple – the first and last destination of any pilgrimage to this complex – enveloped by a thick veil of incense smoke, permeating and cleansing the ambiance.

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