Which Vietnam Islands are Prohibiting Foreigners from Visiting?


One thing to be admitted is that the name Vietnam is gradually becoming a big destination all around Asia. The country is most famous for its lengthy coastline, amazing cuisine, helpful people, and pristine islands. However, due to a concern regarding military purposes, there exist three popular islands that are opened only for domestic tourism, a perfect plance for the locals to enjoy their Vietnam beach vacation. Check out what they are from our disclosure below!


A hat-shaped mountain in Thổ Chu Island (Source: Google)

Bình Ba Island – Khánh Hoà

Amongst the local wanderlust community in Vietnam, Bình Ba must be a familiar name. Born as a little isolated island in Khánh Hoà Province, Bình Ba indeed bears in itself a unique attractiveness with its stunning scenic landscapes and the utmost friendliness of the locals.


Bình Ba Island (Source: Google)

Bình Ba Island belongs to Cam Bình Commune, Khánh Hòa Province. Located 60 kilometers away from Nha Trang and roughly 390 kilometers away from Saigon, Bình Ba is given a catching nickname “Island of lobsters”. Hence, numerous young families have chosen Bình Ba as their frequent great escape for a huge treat of lost-cost seafood.


Pristine beauty (Source: Google)

Bình Ba was discovered five years ago and still greatly preserving its initial pristine beauty. One of the best sites across Bình Ba is Bãi Nồm (Nồm Beach) with a stunning long coastline, silky sand dune, canoe service, scuba diving watching coral reefs and various wood-made thatches built along the beachside.


Jade-like water (Source: Google)

Bình Hưng Island – Khánh Hoà

Bình Hưng, a neighboring locality right close by the previous Bình Ba, is also a part of Khánh Hoà Province. The site is known to be one of the most sought-after Central Vietnam island backpackers love the most. It only takes visitors around five minutes on the boat from the wharf to arrive in the island, which means we almost fine available operating boats at all times. Bình Hưng is now still a hidden gem in the city from the eyes of mass tourism.


A day in Bình Hưng (Source: Google)

Bình Hưng is famed for its brilliant white smooth sand dunes and the pristine seaside. Bình Hưng is home to various tourist attractions which include Chút Islet, Egg Beach and other recreation activities as found in Bình Ba. Even though Bình Hưng is listed as one of the three places in Vietnam not allowing foreign visitors, having a local friend visit this site while you are roaming Nha Trang City in your Vietnam beach vacation and get to exchange travel photographs later on is not a bad idea.


Seaview (Source: Google)

Thổ Chu Island – Kiên Giang

Last but not least, Thổ Chu welcome us to the Southern end of the country, known to be belonging to Phú Quốc District, Kiên Giang Province with a massive chain of islands of all sizes. The island complex of Thổ châu, or Thổ Chu, lies on the very Southwest point of Vietnam, which is situated around 160 kilometers away from Cà Mau Cape towards the Northwest.


Mystic Thổ Chu (Source: Google)

Though holding in itself an attractiveness of a pristine seaside skirting the greenish line of coconut trees and the loving smiles of native islanders, Thổ Chu Island is genuinely not a travel destination yet a lesser-known heaven on Earth for the young Vietnamese travel enthusiasts. The island is under a strict surveillance of the armed forces, which leads to some setback and disadvantages in the field of tourism. Because of such, Thổ Chu mostly does not welcome any outlander visitors setting foot on the island.


Thổ Chu nature (Source: Google)

The island complex of Thổ Chu is granted by Mother Nature with a lengthy coastline enclosing the deep jade-like ocean and the infinite forests that run up to the horizon, which makes it such a precious gem of Kiên Giang Province in particular and Mekong Delta in general.

Even though listed as a site limited from abroad visitors, if you are reading the post as a citizen holding a Vietnamese passport holder, then do not forget to visit Bãi Ngự beach, the most vivid and lively destination on the island. Over here, you can wallow in the deep blue sea as well as get to know the local fishermen daily life by paying a visit to one of the native fishing villages.


Hidden beauty (Source: Google)

The very options you can choose to join in include a long walk down the trail sneaking through the island, enter the primitive woods, watch the coral reefs on a scuba diving trip or contemplating the imposing landscape from the island 140-meter-high lighthouse.

Thổ Chu is where our Vietnamese can have absolute fun without spending too much on accommodation. Forget hotels and high-end resorts, Thổ Chu is where you can spend the nights in the local host families where the dwellers are super friendly and helpful.

Now, with our reveal above, remember to note down in your list this helpful information. Though the three hidden gems above do not welcome a mass visit from foreign tourists, it does not mean your Vietnam beach vacation is not fulfilled. Read more from our other blogs for an ultimate guideline.

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