Hoà An Stilt House Village – Living Gallery of Authentic Mekong Culture


When touristy things are no longer a must-do rule for those visiting Mekong Delta for the very first time. This hidden gem in Đồng Tháp Province will change the way you perceive a day in the life of Mekong dwellers with their authentic South Vietnam culture.


Hoà An stilt house village – A hidden gem of Đồng Tháp Province

Hoà An stilt house village sleeps peacefully by the bank of a little canal with its vivid rustic gallery of river wharf, rope bridge, lift nets, rice straw and ox carts. A half-day trip to this hidden gem of Đồng Tháp city allows you to contemplate the truest Mekong Delta vibe with the loving village paths decorated by a set of tropical flora species such as lotus, waterlily, common sespan and fruits.

lotus flower field in dong thap

Đồng Tháp – Kingdom of lotus (Source: Google)

Historical wooden buildings

The entire Hoà An Village is divided into three main areas, in which the first part used to be home to the noble iconic intellectuals of the country at the end of the XIX century and beginning of the XX. Various initial artifacts are well displayed, which includes both precious ornaments and daily household items. The entrance of the house leads to a central round wooden tea table, while placed in the middle of the living room is an essential large divan where coming guests would be holding an important seat atop.

Moving further to the cooking compartment which exhibits various kitchen items that showcase a generous and creative mind of the host family. Highlighted greatly as an icon of the room is a large wood couch where daily lunch is frequently displayed or even gets to be a resting heaven in the afternoon after a hard-working day.

Traditional wood-made stilt houses

The very next area is home to the typically traditional stilt houses belonging to the middle class. Regularly affected by common flooded season, all houses are seen to be built atop imposing stable stilts. These residential buildings are constructed not too high, which are mostly made in aim of preventing floods and welcoming a good amount of fresh air from all sides.


Traditional stilt house (Source: Google)

Usually, each house is made with one or three compartments linked by numerous roofs from the front to the back. The heart of the first compartment displays a meeting table, the second area places the family’s altar while the side of the house arranges a long couch for important guests.

Rustic thatches – Shelters of the ordinary

Last but not least, the final area of the entire village displays rustic and simple thatches of the ordinary who are usually seen as peasants, maids, and workers. The lodges are constructed with four leaf-made sides, filled with holes and mostly made as temporary shelters from the harsh rainfalls and burning heart.

However, architecture is not the only thing to be offered on the site. Paying a visit to Hoà An also gives you a chance to deeply learn about an authentic South Vietnam culture with a wide range of traditional careers, which includes a pharmacy, the making of fishing nets, carpentry, armory, rooster fighting and a lot more.


Bedroom (Source: Google)

A new serene playground for nature and tranquility enthusiast

By the end of 2017, all noble residential buildings in Hoà An Village started to enter a new page after a new renovation to welcome Đồng Tháp visitors in form of spectacular accommodation. Travelers coming to Đồng Tháp Province, the city “new landlords”, will be able to spend their nights resting atop the valuable wood-made beds. This brilliant way allows visitors to truly experience a night in the life of noble citizens in the past.


Mekong traditional folk singing performance (Source: Google)

Each resting site is fully equipped with partitions, sockets, night lamps and a lot more which are all showcasing such fantastic vintage vibe of the ancient time. Hoà An tourist village belongs to the national CBT Homestay system which is expected to introduce a high-quality service that goes along with a stunningly affordable price range. Newly coming guests would be greeted with welcome Cao Lãnh ginseng drink and cold wet wipes. A daily breakfast buffet is available with only VND 50.000 for each of the guests.

Furthermore, those who choose to visit Hoà An in a big group of friends or family is able to rent an entire lodge with private staff. There is surely nothing better than enjoying such serene nightlife with your beloved ones having a long walk on the path in the stunning moonlight and chilly village breeze.

Hoà An Village is where nature lovers can join in fishing, gardening, picking fruits and sailing like a real Mekong local. Hoà An is a living gallery of authentic and traditional South Vietnam culture with an exhibition of various daily activities. Feel free to pick this site if you tend to combine Mekong Delta hidden gems and iconic Southern Vietnamese lifestyle all in one.

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