Golden Bridge in Danang is One of the 100 Worldwide Best Destinations

Sunset over Golden Bridge

According to the reputed TIME Magazine, Vietnam’s Golden Bridge is set at 1000 meters above sea level, up on the hill of Bà Nà and tagging on a cable car station with its nearby gardens. The Golden Bridge is recorded to run up to 150 meters and hence brings visitors a spectacular view both when standing on the bridge or contemplating it from above. Thanks to a massive roundup of natural and cultural values available, Danang has been chosen to be able to deliver the best holiday destinations in Vietnam. And, 2018 has marked a new milestone with a new appearance of the floating Golden Bridge.

When a “Made in Vietnam” product has rocked the Global travel community

“The two massive stony hands emerging from the mountains of Central Vietnam may look mossy and cracked like ancient ruins, but don’t be fooled: they’re brand-new wire mesh and fiberglass support for a striking footbridge that opened in June”, complemented by TIME.


On TIME Magazine (Source: Google)

Given a unique design, the highlight is a giant pair of stony hands rusted with moss lifting a lengthy stunning golden silk in the middle of Danang skies. Up to now, Danang Golden Bridge is known to be the one and only bridge that crosses no river flowing beneath.


From underneath (Source: Google)

Far from being the best holiday destinations in Vietnam, the fact that Danang Golden Bridge is now praised as one of the 100 best destinations Worldwide by TIME Magazine can be seen as a huge pride for a product “Made in Vietnam”, since TIME’s annual list is made out of various recommendations of trusted editors and journalists of the publication itself, as well as experts in the field. Every single listing by TIME must be able to pass a wide set of specific standards in terms of quality, integrity, innovation, sustainability, and also its impact.


Visitors taking photos on the Bridge (Source: Google)

As said, at the beginning of June 2018, Sun World Bà Nà Hills had officially introduced the birth of its newborn attraction, the Golden Bridge, a brand new candidate for this top-class amusement park of the country. Right afterwards, the image of a floating long yellow silk has spread a huge sensation across the Globe and got to be put on-air in various social media channels and travel publications. As a consequence, foreign and local wanderlust communities have been trotting to Danang, Vietnam for an actual observation. Almost two months have gone by, yet the phenomenon of such a cutting-edge construction does not seem to halt.

Contemplate the Golden Bridge from above

With an exceptional designation as well as its ideal location, the Golden Bridge has received positive feedback from expert architects for the same level of uniqueness with Malaysia’s Langkawi Sky Bridge. The Golden Bridge can be found at Thiên Thai Garden, a part of Bà Nà Hills Amusement Park Complex operated by Sun Group. The Bridge links Marseille and Bordeaux stations in order to transfer visitors from the foot of Bà Nà Hills to arrive at the garden.

What captures the World’s attention comes from the gigantic pair of stony hands. According to the construction unit, the stone giant statues represent hands of the Mountain God who is pulling a piece of yellow cloth making it a passageway for Bà Nà villagers to reach Thiên Thai Garden. The surface of Golden Bridge sits at 23.8 meters above the ground whilst the diameter enclosing each finger was recorded to be 2 meters. Lying in contrast to the giant mossy stony hands is a long golden silk lasting up to 150 meters that include 8 different spans in total, the longest of which runs for 21.2 meters.


Rainbow over the Bridge (Source: Google)

Bà Nà Hills – Sample of a typically new amusement park

Representing a European-like village, Bà Nà Hills was previously built by French colonists in 1919 as a leisurely destination for French officials and colonial governors and soldiers. It was then brought back to life by Sun Group Corporation in the 2000s and has been a focal point of the Vietnam Central coastal city of Danang ever since. Bà Nà Hills Complex offers a wide range of recreation and relaxing activities, which go alongside a fantastic resort named as Mercure Bà Nà Hills French Village. Visiting this mountain peak, you can spend up to one day straight to fully explore every single part of it. The diversity of F&B services can also be found.


Bà Nà Hills (Source: Google)

The best holiday destinations in Vietnam you can experience at Bà Nà Hills

  • Wax Museum
  • Fantasy Park
  • Debay Wine Cellar
  • Bà Nà Hills Cable Car System
  • Bà Nà Hills Hiking Train
  • Trú Vũ Tea House
  • Along with various entertainment services

In your very next trip to Vietnam, do not forget to stop by Danang and pay a visit to the phenomenal Bà Nà Hills to see the Golden Bridge with your own eyes. If possible, bring a camera drone to capture the whole panorama of the Danang Golden Bridge from above.

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