Eight Panoramic Hiking Trails Across Vietnam You Need to Note Down Now


Trekking and hiking tours are newly emerging outdoor activities that Vietnamese youngsters and adventure takers love to do in the recent time. With a great potential of spectacular scenery up and down the length of the country, Vietnam is capable of introducing a huge number of hiking paths and jungle tours in Vietnam. The following are 8 must-see hiking trails in three regions of Vietnam.


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Northern Vietnam

1. Sapa

Let’s start this roundup with Sapa, a Northwestern scenic hilly city into consideration. Sapa is my very first thought to be named when talking about where to find the finest hiking path in the country. With its dense network of trails whose connection is able to deliver the most breathtaking scenery, which chases all of your tiredness away. Above all, Sapa weather is just so temperate and mild, bonus a collection of terraced rice fields and wonderful mountain villages. All of which outstands Sapa and makes it an all-time favorite choice.


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2. Mai Châu

Mai Châu is Sapa’s neighbor in the same locality with an ideal location of roughly 130 kilometers away from the hectic Hanoi. Mai Châu brings you an absolute peace and quietness. If Sapa seems to be pretty touristy in some ways for you, then consider Mai Châu is a worthwhile replacement. With an offer of the dream-like scenery of rice paddies and little ethnic villages, Mai Châu is about to change your mind about which area close by Hanoi that should be taken into account.


Mai Châu Valley (Source: Google)

3. Cúc Phương National Park

Known as the country’s earliest established and biggest national park, Cú Phương was introduced to the people of Vietnam back in 1962. This huge complex is one of Vietnam’s most essential conservation areas. Given a diversified biodiversity of primordial forests and karst mountains, Cúc Phương is always a top choice for jungle tours in Vietnam. A hiking trip to Cúc Phương walks you to the ridge of the karst mountains as well as a fantastic view down the valleys on the other side. Hiking with an instruction and lesson available from a local guide is what you may find needed.


Cúc Phương (Source: Google)

4. Ba Bể National Park

Following Cúc Phương, Ba Bể was open back in the year 1992, with another commonly called as Ba Bể Lake. Its feature of the gorgeous scenery with a set of magnificent valleys, rainforests, breathtakingly vertical waterfalls, and soaring limestone mountains, Ba Bể National Park is recorded to be Vietnam’s hugest natural lake. You can find the complex of Ba Bể Lake in Bác Kạn, a hilly province in Vietnam’s Northeastern face. Local Vietnamese usually decide to experience the scenic view of Ba Bể National Park by joining in a multi-day trek. An exploration into the core of Ba Bể walks you through its massive archive of waterfalls, caves, karst outcrops and of course, rice paddies.


Ba Bể (Source: Google)

5. Pù Luông Nature Reserve

Ending this very section of Vietnam’s Northern Land is Pù Luông Nature Reserve. Coming over to Pù Luông, what you can be offered is a quiet rural landscape. With a consist of two parallel mountain ranges featured a big valley in between, Pù Luông Nature Reserve is where you can be led to the country’s picturesque terraced rice fields, a wide range of limestone mountains and biodiverse jungles. An overnight trek or hike is totally worth it when taking Pù Luông Nature Reserve into your consideration.


Pù Luông (Source: Google)

Central Vietnam

1. Bà Nà Hill

Vietnam’s best city to live now introduces you with one of its most sought-after city, Bà Nà Hill. Danang’s Bà Nà Hills is easier compared to the previous candidates, yet scenic hiking trails in the campus of Bà Nà Hills Resort is something you should not underestimate. Bà Nà Hills is genuinely more of a theme park, with a well-designed model of a French town and a funicular railway.


Bà Nà Hills (Source: Google)

2. Lang Biang Mountain

Let’s direct our attention to one of the best cities for hiking in Vietnam, Dalat, the Paris of Vietnam. Owning one of the highest mountains in Dalat, Lang Biang Mount brings you to a variety of adventurous experiences. Apart from hiking tours, rock climbing and camping are other outdoor activities you may fancy giving them a go. Standing at the peak of Lang Biang, you can freely toss your vision towards the Silver and Golden Streams as well as an enormous panorama of the whole Dalat.


Lang Biang Mount (Source: Google)

Southern Vietnam

Cát Tiên National Park

Coming to the ending land of the S-shaped country, Southern Vietnam is taking you to its most iconic national park, Cát Tiên, home to the century-old trees and an impressive record of wild animals. Hiking in Cát Tiên National Park is where you may spot out gibbons, several units out of the archive of 79 reptile species and approximately 400 brightly colored types of butterfly. As a special reservation itself, Cát Tiên National Park may permit a specific number of visitors. Hence, planning on talking to a Vietnam tour operator is something you may feel like needing.


Cát Tiên (Source: Google)

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