Maximize Your Cultural Exposure with these 5 Little-Known Ancient Villages in Hanoi

Visiting an ancient village is an ideal activity for cultural buffs when it comes to spending a short holiday in Hanoi Vietnam. The following are the most impressive ancient villages in the vicinity of Hanoi that you should not miss!

1. Dong Ngac Village


Dong Ngac Village (Source: Google)

This is one of the ancient villages that you do not want to skip when taking a holiday in Hanoi Vietnam. It is located precisely close to the pier of the Thang Long Bridge, which is only about 10 kilometers far from Hanoi center. Various travelers are stunned because the traditional beauty of the countryside in Vietnam is still well-preserved in this village.

There are numerous destinations that you should visit. The most recommended ones are the ancestral halls of the Phan’s, Hoang’s, Do’s, and Nguyen’s clan. They have a long-term history, which is revealed in their architecture. Also, you will have a chance to contemplate precious relics of each clan there.

Another place that you can pay a visit is the Vac Communal House. It carries distinct vestiges of the people who lived in Dong Ngac Village a long time ago.

2. Uoc Le Village


Uoc Le Village (Source: Google)

The citizens in Hanoi are definitely familiar with the pork pie original from Uoc Le Village. It is a specialty that most tourists want to buy when they come to Hanoi. Nevertheless, this is not the only extraordinary feature of the village.

It is the unique architecture of an ancient village that makes the villagers here extremely proud. Special traits, such as the specific height of the gate to the village, the tiled roof, the old houses, and the market, are still intact. In fact, they have kept their shape for hundreds of years.

Uoc Le Village is not as crowded as other ancient villages in Hanoi. So it will be a perfect spot if you need some peaceful time with your family. The village is situated in Tan Uoc Commune, which is just approximately 21 kilometers far from Hanoi. It will not take you much time to get there.

3. Bat Trang Village


Bat Trang Village (Source: Google)

Bat Trang Pottery Village is a destination that your children will be in love while having a holiday in Hanoi Vietnam. It has been established in the suburbs of Hanoi for over 500 years and recognized as a traditional craft village. This spot is an interesting journey end for those who want to discover long-standing cultural values.

Furthermore, the village is considered a paradise of pottery. It appears in every place that you can see. There are two main destinations for you to observe the ceramic products. One of them is the village area and the other is the market. If you would love to buy a pottery, you can go straight to the market.

However, if you want to try your hand at making your own pottery, you should visit the village area first. The villagers will instruct you to make a ceramic product and you can create your own work of art. The best thing is that you can bring it home to decorate your house.

4. Nom Village


Nom Village (Source: Google)

Nom Village is only about 30 kilometers away from Hanoi so it will be a perfect spot for a weekend trip. This spot is a tourist destination in Hung Yen Province, well-known for its simple appeal and peacefulness. Behind the majestic gate to the village, you can find common images of a typical rural area in Northern Vietnam. They are the bamboo trees, the wells, tiled-roof houses, red-brick roads, and communal houses.

One of the most famous destinations in the village is the Nom Market, which is the oldest one and was built by red bricks. Another fascinating place is the Nom Bridge. It crosses over the Nguyen Duc River that surrounds the village. The bridge looks quite attractive with sophisticated dragon-shaped carvings.

5. Cuu Village


Cuu Village (Source: Google)

Cuu Ancient Village is one of the few destinations where exclusive Vietnamese-French architectural works still remain. It is a located in Van Tu Commune of Phu Xuyen District. Hence, you will not have any difficulties getting there on a holiday in Hanoi Vietnam.

The houses imprinted with French building style are scattered around the village. They appear in narrow and long alleys, each of which contains an architectural secret. Most of them have a Gothic design with porches and dome-shaped doors. Some of the houses are embellished by Vietnamese details, such as red tiles and symmetrical patterns.

The alleys are tiled by natural stones, which are smooth and flat. Although they are small, the alleys are relatively airy. The houses are high up from the ground to block the fierce sunlight in summer. So you will always feel comfortable walking around the village.

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