4 New Playgrounds Not to Miss Right Close by Halong Bay


For over five years back, Halong Bay and Sapa seem to be the one and only things to be known after Hanoi when someone looks for some North Vietnam tours to sign up for. Things start to change when a lot more sites gradually come up in both Northwestern and Northeastern sides of the Red River Delta. Just like that, Halong Bay, a part of Quảng Ninh, now welcomes some brand new candidates that are threatening to take over the Bay’s fame. What are they? Let’s find out!


Halong Bay (Source: Google)

Bãi Cháy Beach

This is definitely one of the best beaches all over Quảng Ninh for your consideration if you find yourself pretty fed up with Halong Bay. Even though the scorching Sun may sometimes like to take over the sky and welcomes Bãi Cháy swimmers with boiling heat. However, that is totally nothing compared to such mental heat coming from a sensation brought to the place. What to expect when passing through Bãi Cháy? Well, surfing, paragliding, and a lot more are waiting to be explored.


Bãi Cháy Beach (Source: Google)

Dragon Park

Dragon Park is a compartment of Sun World Halong Complex, which has been proudly ranked as the largest theme park in Southeast Asia. If you have been such a loyal fan of theme parks for ages, chances are you would still be left amazed at how massive Sun World Halong Complex can be. The whole site covers an area of up to 23 hectares. Either you are traveling to Halong with your besties or families, Dragon Park is still such a phenomenal recreation center able to meet any of your needs. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer when taking one of the North Vietnam tours to this venue!


Sun World Halong Park (Source: Google)

Once you are with the kids, there is a wide range of family-oriented recreation games and activities that goes so well with your little ones. However, if you are on the campus with friends, feel free to head straight to a huge collection of better adventurous alternatives, which includes the longest gliding machine across Asia running over 1.1 kilometers, as well as the Rhino Sling circle which brings you up in the middle of the sky and free fall. For those who are so new to this place, Rhino Sling is operated with a speed of 65 kilometers per hour. Other than that, there is one round sharing a namesake with the whole park itself, Dragon Park.


Gliding machine (Source: Google)

Quảng Ninh Museum

Now, it is time to set aside some time for serenity and contemplation after conquering a part of Halong with two big entertaining activities listed above. Quảng Ninh Museum is where you may like to have a look inside as its outer look is just so impressive, with a simple huge brand placed widely on the top with a shining black glass background. The 3-storey Quảng Ninh Museum delivers an overall prism about the city, nature, and human of the city itself.


Quảng Ninh Museum (Source: Google)

Coming to the first floor, you should expect to walk through an area of the ocean and nature. Meanwhile, the second ground displays a huge collection of historical relics that showcases the infamous Indochina and Vietnam Wars. Besides, a solemn area exhibiting Yên Tử religious cultural space would also be introduced. Last but not least, the third floor takes you to a huge sample of an open coal mine alongside with a chain of pictures telling a historical story of the coal mining industry of Quảng Ninh, the largest coal mine ever discovered in Vietnam.

Halong Walking Street

The very last option ending our list today is Halong Walking Street. You may have heard a lot about Bùi Viện and Nguyễn Huệ Walking Streets in Saigon, Sword Lake Walking Streets in Hanoi, and this time, Vietnamese young locals would be introducing you a whole new candidate recently brought in 2018, Halong Walking Street. More than just a passageway itself, the street is packed with a broad range of services.


The night is young (Source: Google)

Cộng Cà Phê coffee shop is where you may want to drop by. Its huge façade is such a big temptation that you cannot ignore when coming to the place. Walking along this thoroughfare, a lively sense of the young night keeps surprising you. Bars and pubs with their catchy music, little street vendors and bistro gather all up along the road, as well as several play stations in big shopping malls are what you should expect to explore.


A corner of the walking street (Source: Google)

Nothing is better than getting all these combined in just one North Vietnam tour. Now you may feel like setting aside more time to fully explore Halong Bay and the rest of the city with the four new suggestions above.

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